The All Bakossi Conference meeting in Bangem from December 11 to 13,   2008 with the view to forge a new path for development in Bakossiland:

                        i.            Conscious of the lack of concertation amongst the Bakossi and more so in matters of development;

                        ii.            Considering the existence of abundant natural and human resources in Bakossiland;

                         iii.            Considering the enclavement of  Bakossiland and the deplorable state of the road infrastructure;

                        iv.            Conscious of the need for an improved communication network in Bakossiland;

                          v.            Considering the need for adequate educational and health systems;

                        vi.            Considering the need to integrate the woman in all dimensions of Development in Bakossiland;

                      vii.            Considering the need to alleviate poverty;

                    viii.            Conscious of the need to establish constructive dialogue amongst all active forces of Bakossiland;

                        ix.            Conscious of the fact that agriculture is the major occupation in Bakossiland and for this reason there is a need to revamp the sector by the provision of inputs and good roads.


PART II: THE ABC RESOLVES that the Bakossi should:

      i.            Shun attitudes that are detrimental to development efforts;

  ii.            Respect each other’s position and opinion for the service of the Bakossi   community;

  iii.            Ensure that our natural resources are fully exploited for the benefit of our   People;

  iv.            Explore every available opportunity for the development of a good road network in  Bakossiland;

 v.            Seek to diversify and modernize the agricultural sector in Bakossiland;

vi.            Ensure that the woman is involved in every development undertaking in our communities;

  vii.            Preserve and enhance our cultural heritage through the promotion of Cultural activities;

 viii.            Seek every opportunity to improve on education and health services of our people

 ix.            Encourage the setting up of microfinance institutions and

x.            Promote and improve entrepreneurship.


In pursuance to the above mentioned aspirations, a standing committee is hereby set up to sensitise and mobilize Bakossi of all walks of life to work in the implementation of these aspirations.


Done this 13 day of December 2008 in Bangem.


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